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March Newsletter 2020

Dear D4 residents,

When I sent you my February newsletter last month, I had no idea it would be the last “business as usual” installment, at least for a while. The last several weeks have turned our entire country upside down and I’m sure you are all facing challenges in adjusting to our new normal of sheltering-in-place. With that said, I hope you are also finding moments of unexpected joy in this forced slowdown of daily routine - for me, it has been walking the dogs with my husband, eating dinner with my family and following along as my daughter leads workout sessions. The air already feels cleaner with fewer cars on the roads and I’m finding that I can be very productive working from my kitchen. 

None of this is to make light of the very real public health crisis we are all facing. More people are becoming ill and our health system is becoming strained. On the other hand, thousands of people are working every day to manage the crisis, secure medical equipment and supplies, care for patients, provide childcare, get food to vulnerable community members and provide necessary supports including grocery and pharmacy access.

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