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D4 Community Connects - Department of Roads and Airports

October 29 - 
Thank you for joining us for our  24th installment of the D4 Community Connects neighborhood leaders call. 

The County is home to 40 departments that provide programs and services that help our communities across a wide spectrum of need. Today’s guest is from our Roads and Airports Department, a critical service the County offers to our 1.9 million residents.  

The mission of the Roads and Airports Department is to preserve, operate, and enhance the County's expressways, unincorporated roads, and two general aviation airports in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner to meet the needs of the traveling public. 

The County's Roads Administration operates and maintains  62 miles of expressway and 635 miles of rural and urban roadways in unincorporated areas,  including 23 miles of sound walls, 168 bridges,  39 miles of carpool lanes,  164 signalized intersections, 4,500 street lights, 25,000 regulatory signs, and 2,185 drain inlets. 


Here is the presentation that they provided during the call:


Roads and Airports



For any additional questions, please reach out to Basil Saleh and we will follow-up with responses in a timely fashion.    

​Save the Date: 

Our next installment of the D4 Community Connects call takes place on Nov. 12, featuring a special guest from the Registrar of Voters.


Office of Supportive Housing​

Office of Reentry Services


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