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2020 Year in Review

Susan Ellenberg

2020 was a year like no other and, accordingly, in this Year in Review, you will not find a celebratory tone but rather, examples of resilience and laser-focus in the midst of a global pandemic.

I promised to serve you - the residents of District 4 - to fight for our children and families, and do everything I can to ensure that throughout this unprecedented year, no one was left behind.

COVID-19 may have been the headline in 2020 but the people are the real story of this pandemic.

Over the last year, my team and I have worked hard every day on your behalf. From standing up childcare for our essential workers​ to providing food security for children and families​traffic calming measures to keep residents safe to supporting our small businesses​ and convening community to talk public safety and justice reform​, this year was full of both unprecedented challenges as well as examples of quick-work to meet the occasion.

In the document below, I have broken down this yearly review into three broad categories: People, Governance and Quality of Life.

Thank you for your faith in me, my office and the promise I made to you just two years ago. I look forward to working with and for you in the coming year.

Be well,

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Fighting so That No One Is Left Behind - 2020 Year in Review
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